Kenyan Software Firm to Launch a Game-Changing Salon Management Software


10429235_1029033333776844_8081873864588279340_nSalon managers in Kenya spend a lot of time handling operations at the expense of their core business, or hire costly accountants to process payroll and other reports and as well manage their day to day business financial processes.

However a Kenyan-based firm is set to end this menace.

Wiselink Business Consultants, a web and software development firm based in Nairobi Kenya has said it’s set to launch an innovative software product for salons and barbershops in the country to help  them focus on their core duties and use the software to take their services to the next level.

According to the firm, this product is expected to simplify operations such as billing customers, scheduling clients’ appointments, payroll processing, generation of various reports among others.The new software has both a CRM and FMS modules, salon owners should expect to spend less time and money managing their accounts.

Users will be able to access a very comprehensive billing system over a user friendly interface, real time stock management, appointments section, product and services management module, payroll module, purchases management system and an employee management system.

“Our test-driven development approach has enables us to product software solutions with a strong architecture and very flexible system that adds new functionality compared to what’s in the market”, says the C.E.O, Wiselink Business Consultants, Mr. Kibinda adding that the product has been developed in consultation with salon owners and will be released at the end of this month.

Other exciting features include the ability to allow salon owners to keep track of their customers via a service history database which allows salon owners to owners to keep track of their most loyal clients and offer them various bonuses.

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The launch of this salon system is considered a huge step in the promotion of software development in Kenya. Wiselink Business Consultants sets to partner with other industry players in order to promote this software to salon owners who need it most.

Those who want to test and pre-order the software product can contant Wiselink at 0726 776 024 or visit their website here.