Bishop Oyedepo’s Covenant University Launches Learning Tablets For Students


zanbiauniversityNigeria’s Covenant University has said it will give 7,500 tablets to students in a move to aid learning in the institution even as mobile phones and SIM-enaled tablets remained illegal on campus after the university restricted their ban March last year.

According to the university, the tablets come pre-loaded with the university course outline, library materials and tutorial questions and haev been configured not to allow students to make calls to allow the students to only concentrate on their studies and be at par with other universities globally.

The tablets give students new materials each semester according to their faculty and year and course requirements.

In March 2014, the university send a notice to all stuudents reinforcing it’s stand on use of SIM-card enabled devices on campus. Students were also prohibited from possessing or using mobile phones, chargers, SIM cards, and SIM enabled tablets or face a four-week suspension.

The Christian Mission University believes that mobile phones affect students ability to concentrate on their studies and has proved it by its exemplary perfomance as the top university in the country and among the top 13 in Africa. Covenant University is a part of the Liberation Commission that God gave to the Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo, (Ph.D.) some years ago.