Nigeria’s Covenant University Launches EduSocial to Enhance Social Learning

zanbiauniversityNigeria’s Covenant University has launched “EduSocial”, a mobile learning technology to leverage social media and mobile platforms to enhance learning for its students while on and off-campus.

This comes days after the university unveiled 7500 tablets for its students to access their course tutorials, online resources and among other study books from the library via the tablet.

Linking students and their lecturers and their peers, EduSocial is expected to leverage social media to connect this students and lecturers to have one-on-one interactions wherever they are. The Vice Chancellor, Covenant University, Prof. Charles Ayo says the platform of social media for learning would facilitate interaction between the students, lecturers and the University community to enahnce one-on-one and one-to-many interactions.

TheEduSocial platform will complement the tablets that come pre-loaded with the university course outline, library materials and tutorial questions and configured not to allow students to make calls but to allow the students to only concentrate on their studies.Covenant University has prohibited students from possessing or using mobile phones, chargers, SIM cards, and SIM enabled tablets or face a four-week suspension.