India’s ReferMe Launches in Kenya to Refer You to That Top Job You Ever Dreamt Of

refermeLaunched in India in June 2013 by Rashmi Nandan and his friends, ReferMe has launched in Kenya in a move expected to change the face of recruiting and job hunting forever through referral networks  and simple reward-based systems.

Now already working with Ringier Investment Ltd among others in the country, Refer Me aims to be that innovative online platform that uses referrals for matching people to the jobs inside an organization to the favour of both the employee and the organization.

The online recruitment platform targets those who exclusively want quick job change. The firm says that at the moment any jobseeker can register and apply for any vancancy for free or sign up for premium membership to be able to access employee referral services for three months.

Anyone who signs is guaranteed connection to a referrer whom they can start talking to to know the progress of the job interview or further discussions. Refer Me says it prefers referring candidates with over 3 years of work experience for international jobs.

The site has a CV generator to help job applicants only fill in their details to generate for them a world-class resume which is sent to ther inbox.

“We will refer you for the particular job via employee of the company. Once your job referral is approved by employee you can communicate with each other . You can also ask about the status of your job application.If there is an employee referral walk-in event, we share your referrer and complete event details with you. If REFER ME requires filling of an online application form on behalf of a candidate, the care of the same is taken entirely by REFER ME,” the firm says on its site.

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The processing fees depend on the job applicants level. Fresh graduates pay less compared to experienced graduates.

For referrers and recruiters the site works simply. You simply sign up either as an employee or a recruiter then post job openings available in your company. Refer Me shares a candidates profile that perfectly matches for the particular job opening in your company then if you like the candidate, you start communicating with the candidate and refer him for the job within your company. Once your referred candidate is selected you will earn cash incentives set by your company.

Refer Me says that candidates hired via employee referral are most trustworthy and stay long with the company than others. Premium members are granted employee referral services for finding job opportunities across various sectors. Now global,Refer Me says it’s employee referral programs have helped more than 10000 fresher candidates find the right jobs in firms across the world such as HCL, Accenture, IBM among others.

“We at Refer Me, refer candidates to more than 100 companies. We evaluate candidates and find the best fit for them on the basis of their skills. We assure a minimum of three job opportunities for premium member,” the firm says. Ot also offers overseas opportunities for candidates with significant work experience though at a fee.

By launching in Kenya, Refer Me is validating the country’s growing job sector as well as its skills attractiveness for both local and multi-national corporations and startups. Not that Refer Me is the first Indian or international company to launch here but it adds to the number of several other firms that have silently launched and thrived in the Kenyan economy and as well brings in the much needed competition for a healthier business environment and gives job seekers choice and safety in search for their next big break!

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So get get referred and get hired or refer a friend and earn cash instead of doing it for free like you’vealways done.

Refer Me’s launch in Kenya will not quickly change the fortunes of firms like BrighterMonday, Career24, DUMA, CareerPoint, Employfy Kama Kazi and Rocket Internet’s Everjobs which is going live in the country soon as unlike in a boxing ring or a soccer match where a knockout or goals determine a lot, in business it’s not easy to just launch and take someone out of business however awesome your solution is,Refer Me will have to spent time and money to acquire customers and build its own brand locally otherwise it will just barely get by.

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