Kenya’s Open Data to have more user-friendly data


 From July this year Kenyans can expect a more robust, user-friendly and intuitive Open Data portal the ICT Authority has said.

Chief Executive Officer Victor Kyalo said: “ We now have a solid team in place made up of diverse professionals from data experts in Geographic Information Systems, analytics and coordinators whose work will ensure the portal meets its objectives.  With this team, we are able to strongly focus on data supply initiatives to bring more government data to the portal for easy access by the public.”

The Open Data team is currently conducting a government-wide data survey that will ascertain the availability of datasets and readiness of the various government ministries in opening up data. This is also in anticipation of the Access to Information Bill and the Data Protection Bill that are currently in parliament.

During the course of the year, the team will host workshops that will engage civil society, academia, media, and entrepreneurs to raise awareness and engage with them on their data needs, while creating demand for the already available data on

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The first workshop, to be held in late June, will focus on needs and demands from Civil Society.

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