DisCoucher.com Brings Discount Vouchers to the Masses to Boost Offline Sales

discouFounded in 2014 by Sharon Njoroge, DisCoucher is Kenya’s first voucher booklet that offers discounted rates to Kenyan Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Salons and Spas ideal for family, friends, colleagues and loved ones.

The voucher booklet offers exclusive “Buy One, Get One Free” discounts to Nairobi’s most popular spots. The booklet offers exclusive discounts to Nairobi’s most popular spots ideal for family and friends, thereby promoting local tourism.

“What DisCoucher offers local tourists is a reliable, friendly and affordable avenue to save money,” asserts DisCoucher’s Managing Director Sharon Njoroge. “With DisCoucher, one can get discounted prices to an array of spots in the city which, in turn, translates to more numbers in local tourist spots,” Ms. Njoroge adds.

Released in March, the moderately-sized booklet, priced at Ksh2,000 carries a variety of vouchers worth Ksh 40,000; all of which are valid from 2nd February to 30th December 2015 – excluding public holidays.

“With DisCoucher, one not only gets discount vouchers to restaurants, but an assortment of spas as well as hotels and is readily available in Text Book Center, Monty’s, All Times, Food Plus and all Nakumatt outlets,” Ms Njoroge posits.

The voucher book works simmply. You buy DisCoucher book from a specific retailer in the city. Go to the restaurant, salon, spa or hotel of your choice that is listed in the book. Rip out your voucher, purchase what is indicated on the voucher and you get what is indicated on the voucher in return for free.

Some of the vouchers include shopping, hotel, spas and salon among others. DisCoucher is bringing the online experience most popularised by Rupu to offline users who don’t have to have internet to know or get their deals.

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