Andela Selects 9 Software Developers for its Inaugural Kenyan Fellowship

Andela has selected 9 software developers into its first class of its fellowship in Kenya aiming to propel them into world-class grade A developers able to compete with their counterparts internationally as well connect them to gigs with corporations around the world.
Speaking to TechMoran, Evan Green-Lowe, Director of International Expansion Andela said, “Applicants had to complete logical reasoning tests, personality profiles, short essay answer questions on their passion for technology and related topics, and finally participated in a free 2-week long (8 am – 5 pm) technical bootcamp where we evaluated their ability for self-learning programming.”

The 9 Kenyan  Andela fellowswill join Andela for a period of 4 years, their initial training before beginning client work which takes 4 – 6 months. Andela which is targeting to empower over 100,000 developers on the continent first launched in Nigeria where it already has begun its 10th cohort.

Evan says that though the program in the two countries is very similar, it has subtle variations to account for region-specific needs and to give Andela a chance to learn from the two different environments. Andela is not the first such initiative in Kenya even though it’s unique from its competitors. It’s the only four year program for developers locally and is the only that promises placement into huge corporations to fight unemployment. Andela is also paying this programmers to learn.

Founded by Jeremy Johnson, Christina Sass, and Iyinoluwa “E” Aboyeji and Ian Carnevale, Andela aims to give brilliant young people in Africa an on-ramp to the digital economy and give companies access to untapped, world-class talent.

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Andela opened applications in Kenya April 16 and had over 1000 applicants in just a few days after the announcement. Andela’s mission critical is to train 100,000 young people across Africa and is working with the likes of Off grid Electric out of Tanzania, Microsoft, Udacity and Exec Online to help place its students into jobs and internships.

“It’s no secret that unemployment is a huge problem. We’ll be doing bootcamps in Kenya and other countries this summer,” said Jeremy Johnson told TechMoran. “My co-founder E is Nigerian, so that obviously had a huge impact but we’re mostly looking at demographics as we expand. TBD – we’re still just exploring all of them. We haven’t officially announced where we’ll be going next. but we obviously feel good about Kenya, Ghana, and SA, hence the early applicants and bootcamps.”

Andela is backed by investors including Steve Case, Omidyar Network, Founder Collective, Rothenberg Ventures, Learn Capital, Melo7 Tech Partners, and Chris Hughes and recently raised funding from Spark Capital to achieve this dream.

“We’re keeping an eye on which markets will be right for Andela to expand to on what timeline, we’ve looked closely at South Africa and Ghana as countries that could support the Andela program well,” Evan told TechMoran.