PigiaMe’s Retail Section triples in 2015


Ringier’s online classifieds platform PigiaMe has said that its B2C Retail Section has helped over 1,000 merchants to create their very own online shops giving the firm a tripple growth in its last quarter in 2015.

The firm says its retail section will give Kenyan business people an opportunity to create their own online shops and sign up new customers for free.

The retail section, helps the firm list their company name, logo, business profile as well as their products and physical location. This allows buyers to see a merchant’s entire portfolio and get in touch with them easily.

In a statement, Head of Classified Ringier Africa, Clemens Weitz, said, “Businesses are realizing the importance of digital expansion in Kenya and taking up opportunities that come with it to expand their businesses. We are very happy about the increase in the number of merchants as this continues to cement PigiaMe’s stand as a key player in the Classified industry in Kenya.”

By launching the Business to Consumer service before other classifieds platforms such as OLX, JunkMail among others, the firm aims to tap into the growing urge by shops for an online presence and ecommerce. The firm recently partnered with Kopo Kopo to allow businesses to accept mobile payments, in an effort to actively support their small and medium enterprise clients with more reach and more favourable rates.

Businesses in real estate, recruitment, car dealers and electronic brands can set up their profiles and start selling.