UberX slashes its prices in Kenya by 35% as competition hits up

Uber Kenya has announced a 35% price cut as competition hits up in Kenya where UberX has served over one million trips since its launch in Nairobi in January 2015.

The old UberX fares were KES 100 base, KES 60 per KM, KES 4 per minute, KES 300 minimum, KES 200 cancellation while the new uberX fares after Price Cut: KES 100 base, KES 35 per KM, KES 3 per minute, KES 200 minimum, KES 200 cancellation.

According to Nate Anderson, Uber’s General Manager in Kenya, “Our experience shows us we can make that happen while making Uber the best way for drivers to earn. This also means riders can ditch their car keys and travel with Uber more often. For some it will make Uber cheaper than owning a car. This means fewer cars on the road, less traffic, and fewer issues trying to find parking.”

To help drivers using Uber, Uber has also partnered with Total to provide some great deals on fuel. This partnership allows Nairobi driver-partners to receive a great discount off every litre of fuel and as an added extra they can get a power wash for KES200.

“We believe these changes will help, but while the city adjusts to the new prices, we are putting in place minimum payment guarantees for drivers to ensure they don’t lose out. And if the amount they make on the road isn’t what we expect, we’ll reassess this price change,” says Nate Anderson.


Prices of major taxi hailing apps

Base Fare Cost Per Kilometre Cost Per Minute Surge Fare
Little Cab 55 4 No
Uber 100 35 3 Yes
Mondo ride 100 58 4 No
Taxify 100 50 5 Yes
Dandia 300 per zone No
Maramoja 250 per zone No