Rwanda’s 250 Taxi expands to Zimbabwe as 263 Taxi


bookingFounded early this year by Afshon Wallace Ngige, Rwanda’s 250 Taxi, a taxi hailing app for Rwanda, has launched 263 Taxi in Zimbabwe to help people hail cabs from one point to another via their mobile phones.

According to the founder, the Zimbabwe launch is in line with the firm’s long-term goal of touching every country on the continent to make transport easier and create jobs for the youth.

“As we expand, we think of our client’s forthcoming needs,” said Ngige. “As our clients rely on our service in Rwanda, now as they travel across the continent they will be able to use the same service, simply with a different area code.”

Just like Uber, 250Taxi is technology platform allowing passengers to hail a taxis in Rwanda conveniently. The mobile application works simply.

Users download the app, registers for an account then they can request for a ride in Rwanda or Zimbabwe in minutes. The app automatically locates the passenger using GPS and shows them the closest drivers from whom the passenger can pick from. Once the driver accepts a drivers request  they can easily use the GPS to locate the passenger, pick him or her up then after they reach the destination, get paid in cash or credit card.

You can now request a taxi from the fastest taxi-hailing platform in Zimbabwe,” announced the firm. “We have a vast pool of drivers close to your location so that you are able to get your taxi in less than 5 minutes. Our Pick me up later tab ensures that you are never late for your meetings or appointments.”

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Now live in Harare, the firm has also launched loyalty points dubbed Bonus-Miles for users to redeem them for free rides and discounts from their partners. The firm also has 263 Kids, a specialized service for kids school transport.driver