Courier marketplace Fuuzo launches to disrupt Kenya’s parcel delivery industry


Teit W. Knudsen, a Danish serial entrepreneur was living in Rio de Janeiro when the idea emerged. While the country’s economy was on the rise, poor infrastructure remained a challenge hence individuals and businesses struggled to deliver items safely and on time.

In 2014, Teit moved to Stavanger in Norway and created Fuuzo, to improve service delivery and empower local entrepreneurship, little did he know his dream would one day serve millions of individuals and businesses in the world.

“In Brazil, I experienced first-hand how many people made a living by transporting goods on motorbikes and small trucks, “ says Teit. “It is my vision to empower local entrepreneurs and drivers to become self-sustainable.“

logo-icon-1Fuuzo, connects registered drivers to customers who have parcels or cargo to ship. Using its platform, Fuuzo ensures that the drivers are vetted, have their own accounts and have full record of mileage, fuel consumption and earnings from point A to B to deliver the parcel or cargo.

By connecting people or a business that needs something delivered, with a person or company that can perform the delivery over its web or mobile app, Fuuzo is acts a go-between the drivers and the cargo or parcel owners.

Using the Fuuzo application, businesses can access Fuuzo driver-partners who are in the area waiting to pick up and deliver items on-demand, under 30 minutes (in some areas), in the same way Uber  or Sendy works. In Kenya, Fuuzo says it aims to work closely with local businesses, as well as driver-partners to better understand their business or individual needs to ensure enough riders are on the roads and in the right area and guaranteeing every order is delivered right away.

12607282_10156380256225537_250359173_nThe Norway headquartered firm is launching in several East African markets after it gets the Kenyan operation on feet.
”Fuuzo also aims to help thousands of local businesses in Kenya reach millions of new clients, increasing their revenue and helping them grow nationwide and globally,” says Teit. ”The global logistics and express market is worth $4,5 trillion and growing and approximately 10% of a country’s GDP is transport and delivery services.”


Country GM
Country GM, Ian Isherwood

Teit says Kenya is no expection, It has a population of 45 million, it has 38m mobile penetration which accounts for 88% of the population and Internet access stands at 74%. It makes it even simpler that 67% of Kenyans have a smartphone compared to just 55% in Western Europe. Kenya’s 60% of national payments are done via mobile money and 59 million domestic letters send last year, up 0,6% due to increase in production.

”Every day thousands of businesses across Kenya struggle to meet the huge demand for same-day and on-demand deliveries. Kenya and Africa have only just started to scratch the surface of a huge opportunity,” says Teit adding that Fuuzo will help solve problems associated with poor infrastructure. Fuuzo also has an empowerment arm to help