Online Education Provides a Necessary Foundation for Tech Careers


onlineedTwenty years ago, education was a tightly controlled resource. Only those with abundant wealth ― or abundant luck ― were able to secure university-level schooling to advance their careers. Because higher education was then absolutely necessary for a job in the expanding tech industry, only the most fortunate could access such outstanding opportunities.

Today, the story is different. Thanks to the internet, information is readily available to anyone willing to look. Using a web-capable device, anyone can practice the skills necessary for a career in tech, and education is more accessible than ever thanks to a bevy of online programs. Indeed, online education has quickly become one of the most convenient and effective ways to jumpstart a tech career for the following reasons.

Students Can Avoid Oppressive Costs

As a surprise to no one, college is expensive. Tuition alone has increased by an average of 260 percent since 1980, and that doesn’t account for the less-reported increase in fees and housing costs, which on-campus students must pay to attend classes. Advanced tech degrees can be even more prohibitively costly, as graduate programs require more specialized instruction and equipment.

In contrast, online education is exceedingly affordable. Though online schools might be competitive with campus colleges in terms of tuition, students can avoid the costs of commuting, campus housing, and often, school supplies, which are provided for free through the online program. When education costs are lowered, more students have access to the tech education that can guarantee a fruitful career.

Students Learn While Working

Another cost of full-time, on-campus college is a notable inability to make money while earning a tech degree. College schedules are prohibitive for most working adults, with most courses occurring during prime working hours. As a result, students miss out on years of opportunities for work experience, and they must find alternative ways to survive ― typically oppressive loans ― while they strive to gain the skills necessary for a tech occupation.

Work experience is equally important to education in most tech fields, which means few employers are interested in candidates who have nothing but a degree. It is still possible to secure entry-level tech positions without any educational background ― as long as applicants do demonstrate some proficiency with tech. Enrolling in an online tech program while working in a tech environment is the best strategy for securing more prominent tech roles in the future.

onlineed2Students Practice Technical Skill

Though all sorts of subjects are attainable through online programs, certain fields of tech are especially suited to web-based education because they take place entirely on computers or over networks. Therefore, spending time in a physical classroom will do little to prepare students for their future work responsibilities, which will occur almost entirely on computers. The theory and practical skills of technology work are most easily obtained through online courses, as shown by looking into advanced computer science degree information here.

Students Can Experience Realistic Tech Challenges

Online education requires the use of common technologies, including the hardware and software most tech professionals manipulate for their careers. Therefore, even if online students gather work experience while completing their degree programs, their online educations alone can provide invaluable experience working with tech. Just from everyday use of tech, students can uncover solutions to glitching software and crashing hardware, which, coupled with thorough education, will provide a profound understanding of technology that will be imperative in a tech career.

Students Gain Control of Education

The beauty of web-based school is that it is available to almost everyone, regardless of location, age, background, or interest. For the first time in history, students have a significant amount of control over their educations. The internet has disrupted the traditional method of procuring education ― which is exactly what technology is supposed to do: offer a more innovative solution to the status quo. By utilizing online education, tech students can enjoy near-personalized programs to achieve the precise education they need to succeed in the tech industry.

Though the tech industry is filled with stories of those who have found substantial success without formal education, few employers will consider job candidates for higher positions unless they have an advanced degree. Fortunately, online education allows prospective tech workers to achieve that credential and build a foundation in tech on which they can construct a rewarding career.