Wiko Ufeel Lite 4G LTE Review

wiko-u-lite-1We did an unboxing of the Wiko Ufeel Lite 4G LTE here and we promised to get into detail when we do the review so that you can buy the phone for yourself or for a friend. Firstly, Wiko is designed in France and the Wiko Ufeel Lite 4G is one of the three recent devices the phone maker recently launched in the Kenyan market.

Wiko Ufeel Lite has a shiny Karat Rose Gold back cover with rounded edges in Lime Green. Wiko Ufeel Lite 4G LTE stands out from majority of phones in the market  due to its key distinctive features such as  My Launcher, Phone Assist and its 5 function Fingerprint.

Key Specs

Network : 4G LTE
Operating System : Android™ 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Processor : Quad-Core 1.3 GHz, Cortex-A7
GPU : ARM®, Mali™ T720
SIM Card : 2 Micro SIM
Colors : Lime, Slate, Chocolate, Rose Gold
Battery : 2500 mAh Li-Po
ROM : 16 GB
RAM : 2 GB
External memory : Micro SD up to 64 GB
Display: Size : 5”
Main camera : 8 MP
Front Camera : 5 Megapixels + Selfie flash

Design & Display

The phone has a premium metal finish on its back cover and a metal frame. The phone’s metallic-like body has rounded edges making it an easy fit into one’s pocket or hand during use. The phone weighs 147 grams with battery inside and is 143.5×71.5×8.5 mm in size.

It’s 5” Display screen has On Cell and is multi-touch enabled. On-Cell technology reduces the space between the glass and the display screen allowing users to enjoy their multimedia content on a wider screen which is clear and more responsive.  We loved that the screen gets totally black when turned off thereby saving the battery and showing great images due to its high resolution : HD (1280×720 pixels), pixel density of 294 PPI and a brightness of 420 nits.

The display screen also has 16 million colours and comes with a content adaptive backlight control  (CABC) technology helping it adjust the backlight to give viewers clear videos, text and images.

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The Wiko Ufeel Lite is a 4G LTE Dual SIM available in Lime, Slate, Chocolate, Rose Gold colours. It’s USB is OTG enabled meaning it can connect to another phone for charger or USB mouse, USB anything so you can turn it into anything if you have a USB connector.


Features, OS & Performance

The Ufeel Lite has a 64 bit 1.3GHz 4core processor running on a 2GB RAM. It runs the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is an LTE 4G smartphone.

With 4G and the 2GB RAM, the phone’s 64 bit processor can handle large amounts of information with ease allowing for users to play games, multitask and download their favorite movies at full speed. The 16GB is enough for storage of media files say around a whole series or five full length movies but you can still expand it to 64GB via micro SD.

We tried the 1.3GHz 4core processor with 64 bits phone to run a few games and the 2GB RAM phone didn’t disappoint.  With a 4G connection, one can play games say Asphalt, chat with friends over OTT platforms as well as download any content in the process. Ufeel Lite is pretty good on memory with its 16GB internal storage with a capability to expand it to  64GB via micro SD giving more room for photos, videos and text content.

Its 8MP main camera with a LED flash allows you to take clear photos in low light rooms and its 5MP front camera with flash is also a good addition for selfie lovers. Users can also use the professional mode to take great photos.

The phone has a metallic lining back cover for both beauty and durability. On software, the Wiko UI has a quick application launcher called My Launcher to help users customize their own experience and access their most used apps easily.

Its Phone Assist is for users to get assistance, say access the power saver, check notifications, optimize the phone, see their default apps, updates or the black list. On the display screen there is also a voice Phone Assist for a perfect control of all your applications. The My Apps section is a list of a user’s apps a panel on the right edge allowing for one to search for an app in alphabetical order. My Music gives music lovers a quicker access to music functions among others.

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Wiko UI and Wiko OS allow for faster app access minus the traditional shortcut key or hotkey common on Android OS. The UI, OS and phone’s Quad Core 1.3GHZ processor make it an average power-horse in the mid-range smartphone market. The 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory 4G smartphone with an SD card of up to 64GB is one of the most affordable smartphones in this price range.


The Ksh 15000 phone might not be so impressive to photo lovers as it has an 8MP main camera and 5MP front camera. The main camera allows for Panorama, Face Beauty, HDR, Night shot, Professional Mode, Sports Mode, Wideselfie, Continuous shot, Smile shots and it has an LED flash.

The Front Camera is 5MP and also has a selfie flash allowing one to take images in Auto, Incandescent, Daylight, Fluorescent, Cloudy modes. For Video, the phone can do a [email protected] fps. Because the Ufeel Lite has LED flash, it guarantees clear photos even in low light conditions and its quick autofocus means you can do instant photos even on random things that happen as you move.

The front 5MP front camera is good for selfie lovers as it has a Wideselfie function allowing a user to take a selfie alone or with a group of friends easily. In short, though Ufeel Lite is no comparison to a professional camera, one can take clear photos as long as they know how to navigate around the modes.



The phone has a non- removable battery with a safety lamination. The battery has a 2500 mAh capacity and could do 4 hours on 4G, around six hours on 3G and 8 hours on calls and texts alone. On light use, the phone can do 12 hours before the battery runs totally flat-this might vary with how well the battery is charged before use.

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In case the battery level goes so critical, a user might want to use the two power saving modes the phone has. The power saver and the  super power-saver can help one save enough battery for two more hours.

Fingerprint scanner

Wiko Ufeel Lite has a second-generation fingerprint sensor placed below the display where most phones put their menu or home buttons. . Located below the display screen, the fingerprint scanner unlocks in less than 0.5 and can register up to 5 different fingerprints for apps, music, documents or contacts, using one or two hands.

With fingerprint access, the smartphone only obeys the user making the phone great for security-sensitive users for their documents, music, apps, photos and even videos. Ufeel Lite is the first phone allowing users to user more than two finger prints to do that.


What we loved

  1. Great outer design
  2. Fingerprint scanner
  3. 5inch display screen
  4. Android 6.0
  5. Long battery life
  6. Internal memory
  7. 4G LTE

What we disliked about the phone

  1. Non removable battery
  2. Poor camera
  3. The color choices
  4. Heating up on gaming.


The Wiko U Feel Lie 4G LTE is a great phone at the price range with the latest software and a good battery performance. It’s fingerprint scanner makes it a highly secure and personal allowing a user to pick five different functions to lock.

The 4G smartphone has a long-lasting battery, has a great design and weighs less making a it a perfect phone for use by students, traders and even business people who use data a lot but need a simple phone for lightweight productivity tools.

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