Ringier Africa Digital Publishing & Kenya’s Entertainment Site Ghafla End Partnership

Ringier Africa Digital Publishing and entertainment site Ghafla Kenya have ended their partnership after a 3 month trial which saw the teams agree their was little synergy between them, thereby ending the partnership amicably.

According to a statement from Tim Kollmann –MD Ringier Africa Digital Publishing and Samuel Majani -Ghafla founder & CEO, ”The partnership between RADP and Ghafla to develop digital content further together had the potential for further integration – and it was accordingly well-prepared, both legally and structurally. However, there was always the potential, willingness and preparation to just execute a great partnership now and then take it forward independently as friends.”

Though the two firms had plans to drive this partnership further, after a successful collaboration to relaunch Ghafla under new brand identity and develop the digital content space further in East Africa, the parties’ realized their interests were different long-term even though a good conclusion of the partnership had been executed.

Pulse – RADP’s Africa-wide new media publishing brand, which is growing extremely fast in West Africa as live news, entertainment and video network will continue its growth throughout the continent and with partners. A launch of Pulse in Kenya is definite but this will take sometime.

Ghafla will continue to focus on entertainment – now with a broadened East African view and both sides will collaborate on much going forward.

Earlier Kollmann said,”African digital and social publishing is still in its early stage. Therefore partnerships are crucial to develop it further. We are happy to have concluded a partnership with the entertainment brand Ghafla and its team in East Africa and wish them all the best in their field.”

Kollmann added that the partnership specifically saw tech support and digital native content development as the core to the joint work to develop the sector further: It saw the successful extension and relaunch of Ghafla to an East African vision – with an additionally broader view added to the entertainment core of the Ghafla brand with support from Pulse.

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Ghafla will stick to its entertainment roots and the team says it learnt a lot from Ringier.

“We have learnt a lot from working with Ringier,” said Samuel Majani – CEO and Founder Ghafla. ”We shall be taking these lessons going forward to improve the Ghafla platform and we look forward to working with Ringier again in the near future.”


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