Top Apps for Techy Traders



Apps are an integral part of our lives for many of us now, they help to get things done and can give you access to data in an instant. So it makes sense that if you like your tech and trade the stock market, you will want to use apps to help you with your trades.

You will still want to read about the Facebook stock price today on as well as researching news on other stocks you are interested in. It could also be that you might want to download some apps that help you to keep on top of your stocks while you are on the go.

Real-time data

Even seconds can count when it comes to stock market trades, which means that you might want to consider using an app like StockTouch, which is a resource that gives you the ability to monitor the stock market in real time.

A popular feature with this app is that you can sort the stocks in a number of different ways, so you can list them alphabetically, by size or market capitalization, and a number of other ways.

Once you have a stock in the headlights and want to drill down into the numbers, this app allows you the chance to zoom in on the screen and access more detailed data and information, such as historical performance.

A color-coded heat map also provides some useful clues to current market rises and falls.

Trade like a pro

Another popular app that might be a useful addition on your smartphone, is Stock Market Pro.

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What the designer of this app had in mind was to make trading stocks a simple, yet thorough experience. It tries to achieve this aim by providing the user with market data that has come from trusted and reliable sources.

If you have a portfolio of stocks, the Stock Market Pro app gives you the ability to track this range of stocks and check on how things are going, delivered to you via a user-friendly interface that has received good feedback from existing users.

You can track where you are with gains and losses on an individual stock basis or across your whole portfolio, plus you can apply stock alerts, so that the app tells you when your chosen criteria, like a target price, has been reached.

Learn from your mistakes

If you are playing the stock market with real money, every mistake that you make will cost you, which is why an app like TradeHero is worth looking at.

This is marketed as a learning app, and it allows you to practice ideas and hone your trading skills in a safe environment that looks and feels like the real things, but isn’t.

TradeHero allows you to operate without any real financial risk, so that you can see whether your strategies will work or not, without actually having to pay to find out. One of the fundamental reasons why this app works so well for investors, is that real stock market data is being used when you access the simulated stock exchanges based around the globe.

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When you download the app and sign up to build your fantasy portfolio, you get an imaginary $100,000 to invest, and you get the chance to compete against others. If you make your way up the leaderboard you can even get a cash prize, and get to be called a trade hero, which would be great if you can then replicate that stock-picking success in the real world.

A new generation of investors

It is hardly surprising to discover, when you consider the new tech associated with apps, that a younger generation of investors is being targeted by apps such as Robinhood.

This financial app is viewed by some as a bit of  game-changer and that is borne out by the fact that it managed to win an Apple design award, the first app of its genre to do so.

What Robinhood is all about is providing investors with the opportunity to trade stocks without a commission fee, and it is targeted at first-time or relatively inexperienced younger investors.

This innovative crowd-sourced financial app will not appeal to everyone for sure, but it definitely has a fanbase and continues to receive positive reviews.

If you are looking for some insights on the go and even want to test your skills before you invest, there are apps around that help you to do that.

Edward Briggs picked up penny trading a few years back and now enjoys sharing his wisdom with others who are interested in learning the tricks and technique. He writes for a range of personal finance blogs, as well as some niche trading sites.