Mozambicans launch a mobile community tablet to bring Internet access to remote rural areas


Despite the growth of smart devices and internet access across Africa, Mozambique remains one of the countries in Africa and the world with a low percentage of the population with Internet access, standing at only 7.1%, Leaving 92.9% of the population disconnected from the Internet.

Kamaleon, a two year-old marketing and advertising startup based in Mozambique has developed a unique solution that aims to bring the internet and information technology to those in rural areas. The unique solution, a Community Tablet is targeted at schools, health departments and hospitals to access the Internet and also develop engaging health education messages to spread in the community as opposed to distributing leaflets with health information.

“I believe we need to change the way we roll out Internet access to rural communities,” Dayn Amade, Founder of Kamaleon. “A few years ago anyone who could not read and write was considered illiterate, but today this concept goes further, encompassing people who do not know how to use information and communication technologies. The Community Tablet is here to change that.”

The Community Tablet is powered by solar panels, has a refrigeration system to cool down the equipment when traveling in hotter weather conditions and is ferried in a truck to major parts of the country. The solar panels and the refrigeration system allow the system to operate 24/7 without interruption. The tablet’s touch screen is protected from harsh weather conditions, allowing continued usage on rainy, windy or extremely hot days.

The travelling truck-unit it is able to travel to even the most remotest areas of Mozambique and act as a communal, shared computer experience where 92.9% of the Mozambican population still have no Internet connection.

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The team aims to promote digital inclusion and ensure that more people have access to information and communication technologies. Kamaeleon also offers training on how to use the Internet and its features to members of the community. In the digital world we live in, the Community Tablet can also be used to support health awareness campaigns by spreading educational messages across various communities.