TRECC & Seedstars World launch a $1000 contest for ideas on education delivery in rural areas



TRECC has partnered with Seedstars World to collect revolutionary ideas to deliver educational products and services to rural areas across Africa.

The contest, now asking entrepreneurs to submit ideas at until January 31st and win a prize of $1000 aims to encourage people from all over the world to submit ideas for bringing education products and services to rural areas in the “Rural Distribution Idea Contest”.

“Rural distribution challenges often limit access to quality education for the communities that need it most, further exacerbating social inequalities.  We want to better understand how education systems – as well as education entrepreneurs – can  leverage existing distribution networks or create socially responsible distribution networks to ensure these communities have access to not only quality education, but other goods and service that can improve the quality of life.”

The challenge aims to help established education companies and entrepreneurs expand to rural markets, where there is limited electricity, internet, and quick transportation options as well as improve education delivery systems and access to learning through technology or new distribution models.

The partners also aim to spark demand for quality education and education-focused goods and services in rural communities

The challenge is open until January 31st and entrepreneurs from across Africa can submit ideas at – The winner will be announced on February 10th and will be awarded a prize money of $1000.