BuyRentKenya to launch Concierge Services to make property search easier

BuyRentKenya, Kenya’s top property classifieds vertical is set to launch Concierge services in Q1 next year to simplify property search, inspection and purchase, as the innovative firm moves to bring convenience in the country’s real estate sector.
“It’s still in development,” Jamie Pujara, BuyRentKenya’s Co-founder & CEO told TechMoran. “The idea is to provide a level of convenience. Our mission was to make property search easier and while we have done this to a certain degree, we feel there is still so much we haven’t accomplished.”
Speaking earlier to PropertyPortalWatch, Pujara said Concierge is targeted at private sellers looking to sell or rent their property conveniently minus the back-and-forth processes involved. Concierge will take over activities such as taking pictures, updating listings and monitoring and following up on total leads only to contact the property owner when the buyer is ready to commit. Concierge is an organic development of the day-to-day inquiries BuyRentKenya receives from its clients; the firm will now package Concierge as a PA as a service for whoever needs it at anytime or location.
By being involved in the property transfer process as a personal assistant, BuyRentKenya not only increases its users trust but empowers them with more information, saves them time and doubles up their sales resulting into a bolder and more reliable offline and online service.
“Concierge works for both the person wanting to sell or let as well as the buyer. It removes a layer and puts us in direct contact and hopefully our brand now is strong enough that it can be trusted,” Pujara confirmed to TechMoran.