BBOXX solar home systems surpasses 100,000 units since its launch

BBOXX, The London based off-grid energy company has announced that it has distributed over 100,000 solar home systems across the developing world since 2010, providing access to affordable, clean energy to off-grid communities.

BBOXX’s systems have the capability to provide access to a wide range of appliances to improve the quality of life of its customers; from lighting and phone charging to TV’s and shavers. BBOXX’s latest systems (since 2014) come with SMART Solar; the ability to monitor performance of the system and provide superior customer service in over 160 countries around the world.

According to the firm, over 500,000 people around the world now have access to modern electricity in their home at 4.3 MW of Manufactured Energy Production Capacity or an equivalent to 4.3 Million BBOXX LED Light Bulbs with 17 MWH of potential energy storage. The firm also sees 387,600 data uploads from SMART Solar Kits every day and 1.5 Million hours of SMART Solar Kit usage recorded each day.

BBOXX designs, manufactures, distributes and finances innovative plug and play solar systems to improve access to energy across Africa and the developing world. More than 85,000 BBOXX products have been sold in more than 35 countries, improving the lives of more than 425,000 people.

BOXX aims to provide 20 million people with electricity by 2020 by providing individuals and families with home lighting to phone charging, as well as provide hundreds of jobs to local employees working in the SME sector such as hair salons, mobile phone repairs and chargers among others.

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In August this year, BBOXX successfully closed a $20 million Series C investment led by co-investors MacKinnon, Bennett & Company (MKB), ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Energies and KawiSafi Ventures, as well as existing investors Khosla Impact Fund, Bamboo Finance and DOEN Foundation.

The firm said the investment would support its expansion its operations in Kenya and Rwanda where it owns and operates retail distribution networks and after sales service centres to guarantee an excellent customer service experience for all users as well as license its products and services in other markets, including the creation of three franchises in the West African countries of Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

This new milestone shows BBOXX’s continued growth to cover more markets with clean off-grid energy.


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