Kairos Society looking for 50 seed-stage startups addressing complex global challenges


The Kairos Society under its  Kairos 50 (K50) competition is looking for  50 seed-stage companies that are actively addressing complex global challenges with a market-ready prototype or product to invest in them.

According to Head of K50 Search Committee at Kairos Society in a statement, “Fearless, ambitious, and entrepreneurial young minds around the world are leveraging technology to build creative solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Millennial founders are not afraid to dream big to create a better and brighter 2017. We want to amplify their impact!”

Stawinska says the organization will reveal these companies at the Kairos Global Summit, where they will unveil their disruptive technologies to the world on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

At last year’s Kairos Global Summit, over 100 investors attended the Kairos 50 showcase, and showcase. She adds that over $350k was invested live at the event, including an investment led by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams and James Joaquin of Obvious Ventures. The top 25 Kairos companies of the past 4 years have collectively raised over $500mm in investment capital, with a market cap of over $2bn.

“As the head of this years K50 search committee, I am on a mission to find 50 of the most talented seed-stage startup founders who are pushing industries forward from all corners of the world!” she added.

To participate, nominate a venture from your country that is contributing to building a better and brighter future for all. To be eligible, each applicant should have co-founder status, he or she must have been under the age of 26 at the time the company was founded, each company must have a product or prototype that can be demoed at the time of submission and must clearly fit one of the following two categories:

Cutting-edge Technologies Entering Massive, Outdated Industries (such as transportation, logistics, healthcare)

New Products & Services Addressing Fundamental Human Needs.

The participants much be able to attend and showcase the product or prototype at the Kairos Global Summit, which takes place in New York, NY from April 21-22. They may bring other co-founders or team members. Companies should be pre Series A at the time of application and applicants must have at least one reference to give feedback to Kairos on their team, product, and traction.

Apply here.