Box takes on Vitumob, wants to be your international shopping & shipping partner


BOX, after one year in operation, aims to take on Vitumob and others to become your one-stop portal for  Dubai, U.S and European online shopping and international shipping.

Founded by Kimani Macharia, a former social media manager at classifieds site OLX, allows users to browse through the numerous U.S and European online stores for both personal and business products available to ship directly to their homes and offices.

Box works simply. A user signs up, then BOX gives them a free, U.S. or Europe shipping address to allow them to
shop and ship to their new addresses exclusively. After delivery to their new addresses, Box ensures that the goods are delivered to their buyers in Kenya in a week’s time. Apart from shopping, Box ships and deals with customs and taxes on behalf of the client. The team notifies the buyer as soon as their package arrive.

“We make sure everything you ordered has arrived, tell us how you want them packed, and give us the OK to ship them to you,” says Macharia. “You’ll be able to track the packages until they arrive in 3-8 business days. We will take care of all Duties and Taxes. If a store won’t accept your credit card, use our BuyForMe service!”

Box aims to take on its competition by providing personalized online shopping services for clients who want to from U.S or European Stores starting from the personalized address and personalized packaging and delivery in a week.

The firm recently added Dubai and says that it has an experienced and dedicated team who wholeheartedly serve its customers from the time they put a request for a quote to the time when their goods reach their homes or offices.

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“We have put in place secure payment methods for your goods to ensure personal safety of all your confidential information to fast delivery couriers, giving you excellent customer service and satisfaction,” Macharia told TechMoran.

BuyForMe involves paying us via local means or currency then we complete the purchase for you
There are clients who don’t have the debit and credit cards or PayPal, so we invoice them on how much they need to pay us so that we can make the purchases on their behalf.”
Box also offers shipping services as most US or UK stores don’t ship internationally. It charges $20/KG from U.S,  £5.99/KG from U.K and Dubai – $9.99/KG.