Fotoject allows you to edit photos and create collages and designs easily


re you guys who like taking plenty of photos when you meet some important festival or days? Are you the ones who cannot always take photos in a perfect way but want to show them to others in a more beautiful way?

If you are one of these, why not try out FotoJet and see if it is the right one you are looking for? The world gives you too much things to enjoy, why are you so hesitate to try to find something new and wonderful? No matter you are an artist or not, just try out FotoJet to see what it can help you to do, maybe you may get to know another amazing thing which gives by this beautiful world.


FotoJet is an online collage maker & graphic designer & photo editor that help you make your photos into amazing and wonderful collages, photo cards, social media graphics, posters, flyer.

After you finish your program you can quickly share them with family and friends via your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr. You can also save them to your computer or print them out immediately. FotoJet provides plenty of creative collage templates and classic collage layouts and well-designed professional designs for you to make all kinds of creations.

The photo editor can help you turn your common photos into art works for it can make up for the shortages that made when you take photos. It works perfectly in any browser without the hassles of downloading and installing! You can use it to make many adjustments, such as color, size, and exposure and so on. You can also add some other elements to your photos.

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You can try it here:

You can use basic and advanced options to edit your photo with photo editor. Here you can crop, resize, rotate your photo at your will and you can apply them in a very easy way just by click and drag. At the same time, it is convenient for you to change photo exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows and make color adjustments like saturation, temperature and tint. If you like you can play with your creative inspiration here by adding Sharpness, Vignette, or setting Radial Focus.

Radial focus can help you highlight the certain parts you want and Tilt Shift is for clear focus. You are allowed to apply all kinds of effects, overlays and frames to modify your photo. There are plenty of effects, overlay and frames can be used, I believe you will find ones you love and want to use.

With the help of design mode, you can create a large number of professional designs, such as Facebook Cover, Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Twitter Header, YouTube Channel Art, and Poster, flyer and etc. what’s more, you can flexible add your own photos, texts, online clipart images, lines, shapes and other elements to customize your creations.

All the templates are embedded with images, text and clipart and some other elements, so you can use them directly after some very slight adjustments. With graphics designer, you can unleash with your creativity and imagination freely to make gorgeous and wonderful photo designs and then save, print or share to social platforms at your own will!

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In COLLAGE mode, you can make you classic collage and creative collage. What you need to do just choose the template, upload your photos and add them to template, apply some other elements such as text, clipart, shapes and change the background if you want. You are provided with fully adjustable classic layouts and wonderful creative collage templates, such as Modern Collage, 3D Collage, Photo Card, Magazine and so on.

As long as you finish your program you can directly save, share or print your collage quickly. With the help of FotoJet, you are look professional ever you are not an artist. What are you waiting for? Just try FotoJet out and see if it can help you to make some things.

Tips: you can search images and clipart from internet to use in design mode

If you want make text and clipart into water mark, just adjust their opacity

You are allowed to add outline and glow to text



Very easy to add images/photos

Plenty of amazing templates

Design mode provides all the templates embedded with images/text/clipart, can be used directly

Many different fonts

Adjustable text and clipart opacity, color and so on

All-in-one graphic tool for collage making, graphics designing and photo editing

Many free templates and other elements