wants to be an ‘Uber’ for Lagos corporate executives to & from work

1926 does what it says it does. It’s essentially an ‘Uber’ for commuter buses ferrying employees to and from work to avoid the unnecessary hassles involved in public transport in Lagos, Africa’s most populous city with over 22 million residents.

The public commuter network service set to launch expects to allow users to hail a bus like they do an Uber either online or via a mobile app to provide convenience and comfort via road worthy buses in a sector that is next to madness. The buses are outsourced from private companies just like cars on the Uber network and users can hail and hop to any StaffBus instead of waiting for the day to day city commuter buses carrying everyone else.

StaffBus is run by Olujekun Oludayo and Ayodeji Ogunnubi and aims to make money through the buses themselves as well as corporate subscribers who sign up for services on StaffBus. The team also aim to make extra money by offering extra on-demand services such as laundry and grocery pickup by the Lagos corporate executives who use the buses.  StaffBus will have Staffbus Lite for individuals and Staffbus Luxe for companies.