Apps for learning hits a successful 1st year for e-learning for African students


Founded in January 2016, education technology website has hit one year in a move to present available global and regional e-learning providers to interested parties.

The firm aims to be a crucial piece of the puzzle which can successfully boost development in Sub-Sahara Africa with its slogan is “Online courses guide Africa”!

Apps-for-learning‘s overwhelming success is due to its winning strategy to help e-learners attain an online course to empower them with the necessary qualifications for a career, as well as to benefit the nation’s economy and level of professionals in the workforce.

The winning strategy used by involves Africans benefiting from the leapfrogging effect of jumping directly to mobile applications and m-learning to solve their needs. As Bill Gates has stated: in the case of developing countries, better network coverage and cutting-edge technology will revolutionise e-learning. And this is already starting to come into fruition. carried out substantial research in Africa prior to launching their website 12 months ago. They found a huge market for e-learning and m-learning, and saw that it is possible for enterprising individuals who would like to learn from a top college even if they live thousands of miles from where it actually is, and even though it would be an impossibility for them to physically go there and infeasible for them to pay the high tuition fees.

The website’s target audience are African students and lecturers who live in Africa, or the African diaspora. Its main goal is to answer two questions: a) which providers are available to give online courses, and b) what are the differences between them. It is set up in an informative and well-structured manner, and includes a blog about exciting new edtech developments for Africa.

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