Ramify.biz wants to help ad agencies acquire new business quickly & easily


Ramify.biz, is an online and mobile tool set to help connect South African brands and marketers to ad agencies. The objective is to help marketers and entrepreneurs grow their businesses’ brands through easy access to info concerning relevant advertising and marketing communication partners.

“A lot of marketers are only familiar with a handful of ad agencies and, while databases with information on possible agency partners do exist, they are generally walled in as paid-for services,” says Ramify.biz founder, Herman Manson, who is also the publisher and editor of the South African advertising and marketing industry news site, MarkLives.com. “We are democratising this information and empowering marketers to quickly find short- and long-term agency partners.”

The service also extends to service providers and suppliers for agencies, allowing ad agency execs to find project partners, based upon skill sets, to expand project capacity. This should result in growth for small agencies and start-ups. Smaller and mid-sized brands — or even larger brands with very hands-on marketing execs — will all benefit from using the service.

The service is quickly expected to evolve into a critical business-acquisition tool for ad agencies and also allow them to inform the market as they expand their own service portfolios.

Ramify.biz allows agencies to create a database-driven listing that will assist marketers in picking communication partners, such as information on services offered, BBEEE scores and the size of the agency. Marketers then specify their partner requirements using the Ramify.biz search function and matching results are returned. Marketers may then shortlist agencies/suppliers and pull comparative data for review.

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Ramify.biz offers its search functionality free of charge, encouraging marketers and agency decision-makers to make use of the information service. Agency profiles are free, too, encouraging the inclusion of the broadest possible range of agencies in the database. “We believe agencies of all sizes should be able to list their information in a central resource, and that marketers should be able to access it free of charge,” says Manson. “This empowers both parties and grows the industry.”

The site is also intended to make the job of procurement easier when it comes to pitching; instead of very broad requests of interest, marketers may now submit a pre-compiled shortlist to their procurement departments to kick off the process.

Currently, the service is only available in South Africa but more African country markets will be added before the end of the year.