Rupu brand retired as Ringier moves from daily deals to broad-based model dubbed Ppromos


Daily deals brand Rupu is set to be retired January Friday 27 after 5 years of shaping Kenya’s non-existent daily deals industry to what it is today.

According to Ringier Africa Digital Publishing (RADP), Rupu is being upscaled to a more mature promotion site for bigger properties such as land, houses and everything else money can buy cum a price comparison site for everything humans need. The new Rupu-Ppromos will not have any inventory and it will host no daily deals but will link buyers to third-party sellers stores offline or online promotions of any kind.

“Today marks the start of something new,” announced the firm. “Now, and over the weeks to come, we’re launching Ppromos, dedicated to helping you find the best possible savings, not on a small list of products we deliver, but on everything you spend your money on: products, shops, malls, banks, insurance, phones, and lots more.”

Prpomos seems to be a mix of Click n Compare and Rupu. According to the firm, the new site will no longer be selling products and service coupons online at

“In future you’ll be able to take advantage of specials and deals directly at retailers. We will stop taking customer emails and telephone calls on Friday 27 January, and will only be able to answer questions about past deals, refunds or any other topic until then,” the firm announced. “Thank you for all your support over the last five years, and goodbye from the old Rupu. But hello to the new Rupu – P Promos!”

Although we’ve been able to bring many great offers to you, we haven’t been able to bring you all the best deals available in Kenya – because many of the best deals can’t be made available for purchase and delivery online.

Ringier had to go with P Live as Pulse is already a brand run by Kenya’s Standard Digital.