KejaHunt now not only helps you FIND a house, but also MOVE into that house.


If you have lived in the streets of Nairobi, you will surely know how hard it is to find a house. You have to start by knowing where to start searching, walking around the estates, haggling with clueless agents all the while surviving the blazing sun. (Why is it this hot nowadays!!). To add to that, after you find a house, you have to start searching for a moving service all over again. aargh.

Well, in an announcement made today, Kejahunt will begin offering moving services on their platform, through a deeper integration with their sister company Kejamove. Kejamove offers professional home and office relocation services to clients across the country.

Brief background
As a background, Kejahunt, launched way back in 2014 after incubation at The Nailab. They are on record as being one of the startups to make quite a number of pivots, most of which we’ve covered here on Techmoran:

  • February 2014
    Launched as a property listing company:
  • February 2015
    Pivoted to the Custom House Search model:
  • October 2015
    Introduced Office Searches

Speaking to techmoran, Kejahunt CEO Joshua Mutua had this to

“Our promise has always been to make our users happy, by solving, not their second or third problem, but but their No. 1 problem. And after we helped them find a house, they clearly told us that starting the process altogether of  finding a credible yet affordable moving service to move into that house was the new number one problem. That is why we’ve now built a deeper integration with our sister company Kejamove to help you request a House Move straight from the kejahunt website.”

To do that, you can simply visit and select “Get a Professional Moving service”.

All in all, Kejahunt is likely to face some competition from some of the other moving companies; let’s wait and see how they handle this.