LG’s V20 Military-grade impact resistance phone guarantees less cracked screens




Chances are that you have experienced that unfortunate moment when your phone slips out of your hand and the screen is smashed to pieces. Not only is that unsightly, it can potentially make your phone impossible to use.

We have in the recent past seen many people opting to use cases for their devices, ensuring that the screen and other durability features are further reinforced, but some argue that cases take away from the smartphone experience.

Worry about that no more, LG’s forward thinking V20 that has features to effectively prevent breaking.

Experts estimate that nearly half of all active smartphones are currently broken, meaning that cracked screens or waterlogged phones are extremely common.


The new LG V20 however shows that the phone is intended for extended use with features that effectively resist breaking, even by accident. Through this model, LG has been successful in keeping a phone sleek, lightweight and still durable.


This innovative phone was constructed using premium materials that can commonly be found on aircraft, sail boats and mountain bikes.


It passed drop tests conducted by an independent lab that conforms to US military standards, the results of which show that the phone can survive repeated drops landing in a variety of positions.


Another test by Android Authority was able to crack the screen only after dropping it on screen from about eight feet in the air.
“Once in a while our smartphones slip through our fingers and fall, when that happens, your phone had better be LG V20. This trendsetting phone’s chassis uses the military grade material made for aircraft. Drop tests have shown that LG V20 is tough and unbreakable, it is designed to handle fairly standard drop heights,” said Moses Marji, General Manager Marketing LG Electronics.

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Apart from being unbreakable, the phone has a wide-angle lens making it capable of capturing wonderful selfies. Additionally, it has an HD audio recorder that picks only prominent voices and cancels background noise. The recorder uses sophisticated microphones which empower users to create studio quality recordings.