How to convert PDF files to text files for free




Some of us call them flat files, some perhaps call them plain files, however most people know these files as .txt files. At a generic level of description, there are two kinds of computer files: text files and binary files. Today we are here to show you how to convert any PDF to a text file in just a few seconds. But first, what are .txt file most commonly used for?

Since they cannot be formatted in any way, these files are perfect for plain copy-pasting. Also, given that they take little to no memory space, these files are also very good to save data within them. Converting your PDF to text can also relinquish the content of the PDF of any and every needless formatting, which can be a great feature when you need to focus on the numbers and not deal with details of what and how it looks.

Perhaps one of the best apps to do so is PDF Converter Ultimate, a recently developed app that came out of the Cometdocs development center just a few weeks ago. Cometdocs is a (among other things) a mobile app development company that focuses on mobile app converters of all sorts, and if you are not familiar with their work I strongly suggest you take a short look at their products.

Now, before we start getting any deeper into the specifics of the conversion, let’s start by mentioning that converting PDFs with this app is by all means completely safe for its users – each and every conversion is done on the Cometdocs servers and is deleted 24 hours after the conversion is done. That is done for both the safety of users as well as to prevent flooding the servers with files that are already converted.

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If you take a look below you will see the main screen of the app. This is where most of the work on your side is done.

As you may notice, on the top of the screen you are presented with 5 different cloud services to choose from when it comes to selecting which files you want to convert. This service is completely free as well, which comes as a surprise since that was one of the biggest in-app purchases in apps previously developed by Cometdocs.

Select which service you want to use by tapping on it. Once you’ve selected the service, a new screen will show asking for your login info. As soon as you insert your info, the app will show a list of all the files available within the selected cloud service, with the oldest files being on the bottom, and newest being on top of the list.
Tapping on the file you wish to convert will automatically send it to the servers for conversion. All PDFs are converted within the next few minutes, however most are converted under less than a minute. This instant conversion is another service which Cometdocs introduced as free with PDF Converter Ultimate, as in their previous apps it was offered as an in-app purchase.

It is very important to note that you should have internet connection at all times when converting files with PDF Converter Ultimate. Losing internet connection will temporarily disable the from downloading the file from the server, thus making it unable to provide you with your converted file.

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Feel free to try out this app and let us know what you think. PDF Converter Ultimate is available on both iOS and Android so make sure you go to your nearest App Store, download it and if you like it you can leave a rating and a comment for the Cometdocs developers. By doing so you are directly helping the development process and making the app better!