Practical Steps to Improving IT Governance in Africa


Information Technology (IT) has in recent years emerged as the support for change and growth in both public and private sectors of many of the world’s economies. Organizations that have embraced IT from a strategic approach have reaped big benefits evidenced by the scaling up of the markets, ease of innovation and automation.

Africa, as the newest emerging economy has its share of opportunities signaled by IT and is continuing to roll out many of its enterprises on the platform of technology.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STRATEGIES & BEST PRACTICES, is a book by Stanley Mwangi Chege that discusses practical steps to improving IT governance in Africa. The author examines the conduct of African enterprises towards the digital agenda and what the future portends for the continent as a member of the global economy.

“The book shares insightful content on IT best practices and strategies that can be leveraged by boards directors, business executives or IT managers to transform their organizations. It can also be employed by business students and professors in universities to teach practical skills”, says Dr. Waudo Siganga, Chairman, Computer Society of Kenya.

Inside the book you’ll find; Top IT Management Concerns in Africa, IT Human Resources Considerations in Africa, IT Change Management Challenges in Africa, IT Process practices in Africa, and much more.

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