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TshirtRiches Nigeria; a T-shirt Customization/Branding Company and Training Center

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TshirtRiches Nigeria, a subisidiary of D.O. Ramsey Intergrated Industries Ltd, is a tshirt customization/branding company established to create various branding designs based on the current trends and quotes around the country and its state community.

The essence of TshirtRiches is not only to build a world class tshirt branding platform but to also empower people on their website which already enabled and filled with training Modules.

It has its own retail store and sells various tee-shirt designs with trending and hilarious quotes that makes the round. It is also a training platform for T-shirt branding and customization, one can take part in their online courses, for those who wish to start their very own business in the same and understanding how to manage it.

TshirtRiches Nigeria was founded on July 2016 by Daniel Chibuzo Modebe and has made tremendous impact including empowering youths in the area of tshirt branding and customization.The essence is to help people, youths in particular, to begin their own tee-shirt businesses so as to combat unemployment. Every month with the collaboration of YBE Strategies Ltd, TshirtRiches Nigeria train several youth in the Art.

The t-shirt branding and customization services have been subsidized so that everyone can learn from it.

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