Private Property launches agency services to simplify property hunt & up its revenue



For anyone who has ever rented an apartment, bought a house or sold a property in Nigeria, you would agree that sometimes, the process can become stressful, frustrating and annoying especially if you find yourself working with the wrong property agent.

Concerned by the hassles and headache that come with the situation described above, Private Property, Nigeria’s property website that connects house owners and sellers with buyers as well as those looking to rent apartments; has taken up the role of a property agent to make the experience of renting, buying or selling a house faster and more efficient for Nigerians.

Though this could be a move to increase its revenues, as it will earn commissions from the agency services, the firm says the new process aims to connect those searching for apartments and houses to rent or those looking to sell with property owners and buyers efficiently.

According to Femi Taiwo, CEO, Private Property, this will make the process of renting, buying or selling a property easier for Nigerians.

“This is about working with a platform that will go the extra mile to make the process of selling a property easier and faster than other alternatives by going the extra mile for the prospective tenant, homeowner and those interested in selling their property,” said Femi. “What Private Property has done is to help people shortlist what they need to see before going out for inspections.”

The site has videos and pictures to help users see what the neighbourhood looks like before they buy or rent their properties. At the moment users need not to pay a fee before they inspect a property.

Some of the benefits that Private Property makes available to you include:

  • Experience and knowledge of the local market
  • A database of property owners
  • A database of potential buyers
  • Free access to interior and exterior images of apartments and properties
  • Free inspection of properties in Lagos
  • Access to more properties
  • Professional management of renting/sales process
  • Faster processing
  • Safer processing
  • Negotiation of good deals

Everyone deserves a place to call home. Let Private Property take the house hunting burden off you. Buy or rent directly online with Private Property. Start here