New Dating App Matches People Who Hate the Same Things



Have you ever had this feeling that the world around you is going mad? And that divided into different affinity groups, people are ready to destroy each other just for having different ideas? It’s like we are apex predators, having two eyes faced forward, looking for things to hate.

It is rare when we actually happen to truly like something and that is why it is so precious. But this can change soon and those negative emotions can become a perpetuum mobile for certified haters to be converted into quite loving individuals.

How? That’s how – Hater! Brendan Alper has developed a very special dating app, supposed to match people for hating similar things and thus establish communication. Ain’t turning our differences into similarities a good idea? Thanks to our friends, chat with girls online , for providing us with these charming ideas.

url2There is a curious history behind the app. Its developer – Brendan Alper worked for Goldman Sachs and Nomura Holdings but left in 2015 to pursue his dreams of a comedian writer. Which put a start to the idea, which originated from a comedy sketch, that people are likely to be attracted via things they hate, other the things they like. With some time, his effort turned into Hater.

After you create and edit your profile, then you are given a number of topics to like, love, dislike or hate. There are plenty of topics to evaluate – from cats to global warming.

Hate coriander, pretzels, mosquitos, bees, vegetarians, bullies, hurricanes, washing, presidential elections, bad tippers, duck selfies etc.  – no reason to hide It! Now that you can find a person who can dislike same stuff, the world won’t feel such a miserable place anymore. And keep in mind that hatred is among most common reasons for couples to break up. With Hater, rest assured that it is not your case! The application is extremely valuable as it helps you two revealing something that we are likely to hide in public. Thus, fewer pitfalls.

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In 2011, a psychologist Jennifer Bosson published a study that highlighted the benefits of a shared negative outlook. Unlike traditional apps, Hater actually brings you topics to discuss. In fact, the application can ask some weird questions that you wouldn’t bring about when on a date instead of you, so you don’t have to figure if she/he is for or against abortions. Knowing such information is important and Hater is your middleman that delivers it.

url3What is more important is that Hater allows you to discuss some things specifically, other than providing trivial information of whether you are a Christian or Muslim, Liberal or Conservative, etc. For example, the app asks people about their opinion on everyday news, such as “locker room talk”. The inclusion of these tags helps understand people a little better than on-the-surface information.

All in all, this app is a good choice not only for haters but for people with a sense of humor, as well. Once you installed the app, be sure to come up with a reason for why you hate/love some things. After all, dating experience is about your personality and character.

urlYou can download it freely from Apple Store now and in spring for Android users.