launches to connect patients to healthcare providers in Africa

2080 is a digital hospital offering a CASH2HEALTH services to empower families across the emerging countries, with initial focus on Africa.

Speaking to TechMoran, Patricia Monthe said the platform is an end-to-end, one-stop-shop covering a wide variety of healthcare services ( from self-care to primary, secondary and tertiary care in a box).

“Think of a medical professional in Africa in need of validating test results for an illness never encountered before. Should such a professional have the opportunity of getting a second opinion from a peer in a neighboring or oversea country, he or she  will be able to do more in less time, enabling other institutions to do more with less resource and ultimately the patient would benefit from cross validated results,” said Patricia.

Founded by sisters Patricia & Laetitia Monthe, who are originally from Cameroon, with a team behind them, the two said they were inspired by their own predicaments.

“I almost lost my sister to misdiagnosis,” Patricia tell TechMoran. “She was being treated for Typhoid while suffering from Malaria. Hours after starting the treatment, her body reacted severely to the administered medication; none of the medical professionals around seemed to know what was going on.”

Patricia says they were fortunate to know a nurse with a very good track record in the neighborhood and reached out to her and she intervened soon enough to  turn the situation around.
That single experience changed her thinking about the local system of care and she began to do her research into her country’s healthcare system.

According to Patricia  Medx is trying to solve a huge problem.
“We address inaccessibility, inadequacy, affordability, traceability and regulation issues in healthcare,” she said. “Think of an estimated 2 billion people across the emerging countries who can be positively impacted by our integrated health suite solution.”

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Though public health policies could solve some of this issues, there are problems of affordability and implementation of health care to all hence the need for technology.

Medx is now self funded and is working with a company to attract funding to help it grow past this stage. With funding Medx aims to reach all emerging countries as they face a similar problem.