Kenya’s BRCK launches Moja free public Wi-Fi & SupaBRCK, its newer version you might find useful


Kenya’s BRCK has launched SupaBRCK,a connected rugged microserver powered by a dual core Intel 64-BIT processor with a up to 5TB of hard drive space and a 10-hour onboard battery life.

SupaBRCK also comes with 3 SIM card slots for 4G LTE and 3G connectivity and a content delivery network (CDN) capability allowing individuals and education and entertainment content delivery firms to use it to store their webpages or content locally giving users to experience faster upload speeds, a better online experience coupled with lower data costs.

While a $50 smartphone can work as a Wi-Fi hotspot for 6 to 8 devices, a smartphone’s connection is weak and slow and cannot be used commercially and is not enterprise grade. With ability to connect 50 devices, SupaBRCK is that rugged Wi-Fi router that can allow you to access your most visited sites fast and cheaply and reliably. And because it works as a CDN, a user would easily cache their sites or content on its 5TB storage for further use. No more Netflix and chill, it loads supaFAST.

Unlike version one of BRCK which could power or conect some 20 devices. The new SupaBRCK is able to connect around 100 devices to power and internet and can also use Solar Power as it has multiple types of connectivity inputs.

For schools, SupaBRCK beats the Kio Kit which only aimed get classrooms online, but kids were already doing this using cheap $70 Android tablets, SupaBRCK goes an extra mile by allowing students and schools to locally store educational content in an offline setting on its microserver or in the BRCK Cloud.

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BRCK has also launched Moja, a free public Wi-Fi set to be rolled out in Kenya and Rwanda in 2017. Though Kenyans might not care any longer about free Wi-fi, some countries in Africa would find this fascinating.

“Moja WiFi is network of free public internet access points that allows anyone to get online, even if they don’t have a lot of disposable income for this purpose – as in most frontier markets,” announced the firm. BRCK has also launched Moja CDN, an infrastructure-as-a-service offering that provides compute and storage capacity to organizations such as iROKO,, ShowMax, Netflix, BBC’s BritBox and Amazon Prime to host their applications or content locally.

If we gave BRCK a 3/10 as a device you would need, SupaBRCK gets a 7/10 for its ability to do 4G LTE, ability to be powered by solar, it’s 5TB storage and its CDN capability especially for enterprise customers across markets with connectivity and electricity problems like Africa.

We won’t be surprised if Moja Wi-Fi courts Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi or vice versa.