Samsung Launches Mobile Health Clinics in Togo

At least 24 villages in the Kara region are expected to benefit from a new health initiative spearheaded by electronics giant, Samsung, the Togo Ministry of Health and Vision Togo.

The Samsung Mobile Health Clinic is a facility mounted onto a truck and is fully equipped to assist community members in the prevention and diagnosis of medical conditions. The truck will move between Lome and Kara in an eight week rotation to ensure maximum outreach.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Togo’s Minister of Health, Prof. Moustafa Mijiyawa, says: “We wish to cultivate a culture of proactive healthcare in Togo. The Samsung Mobile Health Clinic supports our mission in championing a healthy nation with our people – to live well, live long and with peace of mind.”

Samsung Mobile Health Clinic hopes to roll out more clinics in other regions in the future. The mobile clinic will enable last mile health interventions as well as real time data gathering which is essential to improving overall access to healthcare in Togo.

A large focus will be placed on screening people to establish conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay and cataracts. The mobile clinic will also be used to educate the communities about health issues and encouraging people to take tests as a preventative measure.

Mr. Lee Changwook, managing director for Samsung Electronics West Africa says: “Delivering effective healthcare in the continent usually means doing things differently. The Samsung Mobile Health Clinic is designed for use in remote rural areas, and intended to eliminate the economic and geographical barriers that prevent people from obtaining free quality medical attention.”

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“We continuously strive to make a positive change in people’s lives through our technology and expertise and help the United Nations in tackling the SDGs in Africa to achieve the agreed targets. We are confident the mobile clinic wi

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