Top 8 reasons for data loss


“Oh my god!, I lost important data”. This is something we have all spoken in our lives. If you have not, dude! You are doing something right.

There are only a few things which are common to our human race, and data loss in one of them.

It is safe to say that “everyone” of us have lost important data at some point of time. Everyone understands how it feels. Even the most careful users of computers and laptops find themselves in this muddle, and it really is troublesome.

Once you lose your data, you rush to the experts to know the ways of recovering it. Data recovery in Sydney is as important as it is in any part of the country. And data recovery centers are very much in demand.

There are many causes of data loss, and here are top 8 reasons.


  • Accidental deletions: Yes my friend! You are not the only one to have lost your data by accidentally deleting it; it is more common than you might think. Many times, you end up deleting some data from hard drives and computers, unintentionally. The worst part though is, that you realize it after the damage is done.
  • At the hand of viruses: Oh yeah! Everybody hates viruses. There are many viruses which can get into your computer and cause a considerable amount of  damage. A virus doesn’t just damage your device, it also results in corruption and loss of important data.
  • Hard drive failure: Hard drive failure is very common and results in loss of your precious data. A failed hard drive can be a result of many causes like overheating, improper installations, exposure to magnetic fields, and several external factors; but the bottom line really is that it leads to data loss.
  • Power failures: Sometimes you get so engrossed in your work that you keep working on it without saving the files and then boom! Power cut or electrical failures. Sudden power cuts and electrical failures lead to the loss of important unsaved data.
  • Device thefts: How many times do you leave your laptop unattended? If the answer is “very often”, chances are that it might get stolen. The figures of laptop thefts are actually alarmingly high. And when your laptop is stolen, all you are left with, is a big hole in your pocket and loss of important data.
  • Ugly hackers: There are many malicious hackers out there who break into computers and cause irreversible damages to the device and data loss is one of them. So, if your computer gets hacked, you are definitely in for some data loss.
  • Your habit of sipping beverages while working: We all love to enjoy our coffee while working on the laptop despite knowing that liquids and electronics don’t gel well. Spilling beverages on the laptop causes a lot of damage and data loss.
  • The unstoppable nature: Unforeseen natural disasters like fire, thunderstorm, floods, and earthquakes don’t knock on your door to inform about their arrival. And when they hit, they cause physical damage to devices which results in loss of data.

Now that you know the causes for data loss, we hope you are enabled to take better care of your data.
Keep your data safe.