Zuku Fiber redeeming itself with 250 Mbps internet speeds

Zuku,a Wananchi Group brand is redeeming itself with the launch of Home Advanced, a 250Mbps Zuku Fiber offering in Kenya promising users superfast, reliable and unlimited internet, high quality TV and Internet telephone.

Launched a few days ago, and announced today, the firm has also upgraded the speeds of its various packages to lure back its customers many of whom had abandoned the service due to poor customer care and unrealistically lower speeds than those paid for.

Zuku’s New Home Basic offers 20Mbps Unlimited High Speed Interne with 61+ TV Channels and free Zuku To Zuku Calls at just 4,499Ksh.

The second package Home Preferred is a 50Mbps Unlimited High Speed Internet with 61+ TV Channels and
Free Zuku To Zuku Calls at 5,699Ksh.

The third is the Home Premium package which comes with 100Mbps Unlimited High Speed Internet with 61+ TV Channel and
Free Zuku To Zuku Calls at 9,999Ksh.

While the last and latest is the Home Advanced package which comes with 250Mbps Unlimited High Speed Internet with 106+ TV Channel and  free Zuku To Zuku Calls at 19,999Ksh.

The firm also says users can choose the Plus Asian Package which has +33 TV Channels at an additional 999Ksh or chose the Plus Classic Package which comes with over 78 Channels at an additional cost of 499Ksh while the Premium Package comes with a over 111 TV Channels at an additional cost of 999Ksh. These are home packages. For Business check here.

Zuku is also promising free cable modem, free TV set-top box and telephone services for customers who sign up to the Home advanced.

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C6fc985XMAAy2EEApart from the high Internet prices, users say the change is not so significant and that Zuku should consider installing satellite internet where it is not available. The firm was also asked to improve its customer care teams to really understand what it is they are selling to the users.

Zuku,  a homegrown East African brand under Wananchi Group is available in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and most recently Zambia with aggressive plans to roll out to more countries in the near future. It’s other big problem is capacity which slows Internet speeds of its millions of users. The service is not available in the new youth-friendly suburbs arising in major cities giving room for competitors like Safaricom Fiber, Jamii Telecom and Liquid Telecom.

Seacom, an undersea cable firm also recently entered the home and to premise fiber internet business, causing even more outflux of clients put of Zuku.

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