YAPILI raising $32K to connect patients to physicians globally


Patient-doctor marketplace YAPILI is seeking to raise $32,000 (30,000 Euros) to launch its pilot version free of charge for first 100 users in Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe for a period of 6 months.

The platform which connects users to licensed physicians locally and internationally has turned to crowdfunding to bolster its patient to doctor platform in a move expected to reach out to the larger audience to help connect 1000 new users to a licensed doctor at hand, anywhere in the world.

Specifically, YAPILI says it will use the funds  to expand its team to onboard more users and doctors, build an Android App, up the security of health data storage, develop a matching algorithm to connect users with doctors and collaborate with data scientists for a Big Data framework.

According to the firm, for only € 30 a contributor can give a man or a woman unlimited access to a doctor on-line for 6 months. Yapili’s competition is Medx.
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