Enjoy durable LG smartphones without sacrificing aesthetics or performance


New innovations in smartphones are now making it possible for phones to combine durability with performance and elegant, striking exteriors.

Although smartphone durability is rarely among the top concerns that consumers give when looking for in a new phone, in not so many years to come, a phone’s durability is going to be increasingly important to consumers.

Again, as smartphones continue to evolve, it’s getting harder and harder for manufacturers to create compelling new features and functions that drive existing users to upgrade their phones. Sure, there are important increases in display sizes and resolutions, improvements in camera quality and modest increases in performance. But most of these have been underway for quite a while now. This, making smartphone durability the next battleground.

Experts estimate that nearly half of all active smartphones are currently broken, meaning that cracked screens or waterlogged phones are extremely common.

In as much as we lack hard statistics on reasons for phone replacements in Kenya, a good percentage of smartphone replacement purchases are based on broken phones-either from dropping on the ground, dropping in liquid or any number of other accidental spills bound to happen to devices most of us carry with us all the time and everywhere we go. It is for this reason that having a durable device is bound to be attractive to consumers.

As unsightly as phone cracks and scratches may be, most amount to little more than cosmetic damage and don’t interfere with phone functionality. Water damage on the other hand is another story entirely. Not only do smartphones represent a significant investment, but they carry sensitive data that may not be backed up. These are just a few of the reasons why it is so frustrating to lose a smartphone.

Worry about that no more, LG’s trendsetting V20 that has features to effectively prevent breaking shows that the phone is intended for extended use with features that effectively resist breaking, even by accident. Through this model, LG has been successful in keeping a phone sleek, lightweight and still durable.

This innovative phone was constructed using premium materials that can commonly be found on aircraft, sail boats and mountain bikes. It passed drop tests conducted by an independent lab that conforms to US military standards, the results of which show that the phone can survive repeated drops landing in a variety of positions.

Another test by Android Authority was able to crack the screen only after dropping it on screen from about eight feet in the air.
“Once in a while our smartphones slip through our fingers and fall, when that happens, your phone had better be LG V20. This trendsetting phone’s chassis uses the military grade material made for aircraft. Drop tests have shown that LG V20 is tough and unbreakable, it is designed to handle fairly standard drop heights,” said Moses Marji, General Manager Marketing LG Electronics.

Apart from being unbreakable, the phone has a wide-angle lens making it capable of capturing wonderful selfies. Additionally, it has an HD audio recorder that picks only prominent voices and cancels background noise. The recorder uses sophisticated microphones which empower users to create studio quality recordings.