Robotic process automation



Two years ago [2015] some industries were able to witness the increasing adoption of automation solutions.

In the automation and modernization journey Assistedge robotic process automation has proved to be the best in the end-to-end service for building and implementing robotic process automation[RPA]. When thousands of large companies are in need of streamlined procedure- to- pay and hire-to retire process Assistedge robotic process has in countless times emerged to be the best robotic process automation. This robotic process automation[Assistedge robotic process automation] can be used in several areas such as;

  • Health Insurance- for termination of policy automation. Adjudicating systems are highly automated up until the process hits the two-claim review criteria that requires a manual review step
  • Telecom- order-to-activate sub processes
  • Hi-Tech- order management and field services
  • Logistics – in the automation of shipping instruction process. This creates a need for one to check out or robotic process automation for easy work load mostly by manufacturing industries

Through adoption of automation solution to streamlined processes they have enhanced operations that have enabled continuous application of delivery, and improve service levels and product quality. Deep mind from google that was actually introduced in 2016 along with possibility of robotics that can teach each other creating new opportunities to generate business value. Robotic process automation is a game changer that enables both the front and back office to force robotics without any concern about legacy inhibitions since complex works are done with a remarkable efficiency and accuracy. In case of quantitative or qualitative data on bottlenecks during robot processing the user experience can be redesigned or even re-imagined.

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Automation has played a significant role in boosting employee morale, through use of robots an organization eliminates or discards manual labor hence employees are able to focus on the main business objective. Despite the potential of the robotics, there is a great concern that employees are being displaced. This is by measuring human output with the robots in a situation whereby people are a team.

Early adopters of robotics automation are already gaining insights that have brought about magnificent business benefits. Just like any other machinery the robots need maintenance therefore if a company adopts the use of robotics a maintenanceservice providing company should be at its beck and call. The maintenance is very high hence before a company indulges in the use of robotic process automation the issue of cost should be addressed.

A robot can be leased out therefore upcoming businesses should not tire or strain themselves in purchasing one since its very expensive. Automated greeters in large retail stores can be rented from where they are being manufactured. Software robotics have added live chat to assist customers to use self-service options using pre-defined special characters. Despite the obvious benefits that are stipulated most companies are hesitant to adopt robotic process automation. Most off the manufacturers believe that robotics will only become viable when maintenance of a robot becomes 15% lower than that of managing human labor. Such business enterprise are mostly concerned about incurring cost in sectors such a power, security, software and as mentioned earlier maintenance.