Nigeria’s Kangbe To Offer Professional Health Advice From Verified Doctors


The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that Nigeria needs no fewer than 237,000 medical doctors to meet the medical needs of its citizenry.

However, there are only 35,000 doctors which is a ratio of one doctor to 4,000 patients. This is not even helped by the incessant strike of the Nigerian Medical Association and the fact that there are over 5,000 Nigerian doctors that are practicing in the UK and US according to a former Nigerian Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu.

Consequently, Nigerians are always seeking medical information or advice as they may be unable to access a doctor as quickly as they want when they visit the hospital.

In response to this, aims to provide these much-needed valid and original medical information from verified medical doctors to users and patients. Your questions will be routed to one of the Doctors on the system who then gives an answer.

Founded by Femi Kuti, Ope Olumeken, and Matthew Mayaki,  in 2016, users have access to more than 750 doctors, allows them to get answers to health questions in less than 10 minutes, and they will receive daily health tips via their mobile phone. There is also a premium service which cost N1,500 and this provides access to Kangbe’s custom Health tips as well as different health deals.

Commenting, Kuti said: “We’re really trying to give African people access to healthcare at a price point that makes sense to them and in the near future, I will really like Kangpe to become the “Oscar Health to Africa” by connecting people to initial consultations, health insurance or further medical care through the platform.”

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Kangbe is currently available in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria and it has so far 600,000 users.