LG puts the focus on phone screen to bezel ratio, with the new G6; the latest flagship phone.


With the smartphone market becoming more and more competitive, designers are always seeking for new ways to enhance their screen display.

The big players today are no longer relying exclusively on Qualcom to supply them with mobile chipsets. Rather, they are manufacturing their own chipsets in-house. These chips are adapted to a specific device and customized for both flagship and feature phones to suit the needs of consumers. With the use of sensors, you can now see your notifications without unlocking your phone.

Over the years, there has been quite a transformation in the phone industry. Technology has provided a bevy of options for consumers to choose from. It has eliminated the need to use a computer or any other device to perform any function. Whether you want a large or small, curvy or straight phone, the market provides all kinds of phones at your convenience.

LG is at the frontline of creating products that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but that also provide durability and speed. This is evidenced by the new LG G6, which has an impressive processor that has increased the performance of the phone.

With the G6, LG have moved a step further and upgraded their typical modular design to glass and metal. This is a departure from the use of plastic that characterized the company’s previous flagship devices.

Moreover, the company emphasized the minimality of bezels in this new phone. The phone screen to bezel ratio is greater than 90 per cent. The quest to make all screen phones has allowed users to enjoy more of the smartphone experience and almost feel like they are living in the moment they are watching from their smartphone screen. One of the best insights in the 21st century mobile phone design was getting rid of physical keyboards altogether. Given the industry’s fixation on smaller phones and tiny screens, ending up with an all screen phone was a good idea.

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Although the new G6 has great features, it did not abandon all the features of previous LG phones. The rear design of the phone, dual camera system and centre –mounted fingerprint sensor make a return in the G6.

“The new LG G6 was designed with new features that are a departure from previous designs. We are constantly looking for different ways to improve our devices. We are glad to provide great battery life, wireless charging and a USBC port to our consumers, “said LG Electronics Marketing Manager Moses Marji.

Smartphones have created a large market for the advertising industry as users are constantly on their phones.  Advertisers can stay connected with their customers 24/7. The mobile technology experience has become extremely visual with apps like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram providing platforms for advertisers to engage with their audience. It is now the norm to always see a two second ad before you open a You-tube video.

In a few years, mobile technology will become more capable with an array of features; thanks to computing advancements, cloud computing and network infrastructure.  Tools which were exclusively used by tech professionals will become commercialized into the mainstream market. Futuristic features like virtual reality will no longer be for video games and comics, but for the mass market.