Tizeti’s WiFi.com.ng To Provide Highspeed and Affordable Internet To Nigerians


In Nigeria currently, there are 86,219,965 Nigerians connected to the internet which is roughly 46.1% according to internetlivestats. Many of these internet users reside in the city.

Despite this penetration, you can argue that many of them including corporate organizations spend so much on data to connect to the internet.

According to the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, Nigerians spent about N449.73 billion on recharge cards while an average household spent 20,874. The figures were based in part on the money expended on data.

This is about to change as Tizeti intends to offer affordable and highspeed internet to millions of Nigerians via wifi.com.ng.

Tizeti, founded by  Ifeanyi Okonkwo and Kendall Ananyi in 2012 will be available to multi-tenant buildings like estates, hotels, restaurants and large corporate organizations in different parts of Lagos. They have distribution base stations between Lagos cities like Lekki, Yaba, Alausa, Ilupeju and Ikoyi.

For the basic service, customers get wi-fi internet at a speed of 10mbps  and an everyday customer will use anywhere from 100 gigs to 1 terabyte per month. You can subscribe to the residential plan for your household with 9,500 naira. This gives you unlimited internet access for a month.

Ananyi said: “The problem is getting the internet to the customers. You have balloons and drones and that will work in the rural areas but it’s not effective, in urban environments. We solve the internet problem in a dense area. There are 1.2 billion people in Africa, but only 26% of them are on online and most get the internet over mobile phones. Perhaps only 6% of that population has an internet subscription.” He concluded.

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