Kutik Farms Intends To Change The Business of Livestock Production In Nigeria


A 2011 National Agricultural Sample Survey of livestock in Nigeria showed that the country has an estimated number of 19.5 million cattle, 72.5 million goats, 41.3 million sheep, 7.1 million camel, 28,000 camels and 145 million chickens.

These numbers reveal that Nigeria is undoubtedly endowed when it comes to livestock. However, this livestock accounts for only one-third of Nigeria’s agricultural GDP according to the Food and Agricultural Organization.

This contribution is quite minute if you look at the amount of livestock consumed by Nigerians. The total amount of livestock (meat) eaten by Nigerians is about 360,000 tons a year says Akinwumi Adesina, a former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. He added that it is projected to hit 1.3 million tons in 2050.

Observing that livestock production is a goldmine in Nigeria, Kutik Integrated Farms wants taking advantage of this to produce, package and distribute poultry, piggery, and aquaculture to meet the animal needs of Nigerians which is not enough for a population of 170,000,000.

Founded by Adekunle Adesina in 2014, Kutik Farms raises livestock under the most hygienic conditions using the latest animal husbandry methods.

This hygienic condition for raising animals will be welcomed by many Nigerians as they have complained about the unwholesome conditions of the abattoirs where these animals are slaughtered.