Safaricom introduces FLEX Bundles to cement customer loyalty


Safaricom has today introduced FLEX Bundles targeting to retain users across all its major product portfolio including M-Pesa, SMS, voice and data in a move to bolster its revenues threatened dby OTT platforms such as WhatsApp and Viber.

Customers purchase FLEX Bundles by dialling *100# or *200# on Prepaid and Postpaid packages respectively and they can use the units for data, voice and SMS, albeit locally, with a promise of up to 35% more value than it had been.

Though subscribers will hugely praise the firm for this move; Flex is not an ordinary launch especially after the firm launched Blaze nearly a year ago. Flex aims to help the firm bring back its voice, data and SMS revenues from OTT platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber among others which can be access over free Wi-Fi at work, in Matatus and in restaurants. The more the firm bundles them together, the harder it will be for users to pick only voice or M-Pesa.

C7iQSxCWkAAh5SQ.jpg largeAccording to the firm, validity of the Flex bundles is dependent on whether one is using a daily, weekly or monthly package. The Daily package is valid for 24 hours while the Weekly is valid for 7 days and the monthly is valid for 30 days.

FLEX Units are not transferable to another number and a purchase of FLEX units contributes to one’s Stori Ibambe daily target but Skiza and USSD VAS services are not billed from FLEX.