Sendy grows up, adds pickup trucks to beat upcoming competition


Sendy is growing up from on-demand motorcycle delivery to on-demand pickup trucks and possibly lorries as Senga and Lori Systems move to beat it at its own game.

The firm today said it was welcoming new pickup Partners to the platform and all the prepay customers will receive 25% off all pickup deliveries until the end of March. Yes, those are a few hours from now.

In what we thought that the firm had lost direction, the Safaricom-backed delivery startup had earlier launched cab hailing services and quickly terminated the services before the end of the pilot phase.

Many thought this was because the firm had been advised to leave the market for Little, a Safaricom-backed cab hailing startup which unfortunately has also introduced motorcycle riders-albeit not for delivery.

Recently, Sendy launched SendyConnect to bring convenience and save time for its users. SendyConnect, allowed users to share a delivery Driver — and the cost — with another Sendy user who has requested a delivery along a similar route.

The firm said that with SendyConnect users would save up to 40% on each delivery, making it more affordable than boda boda riders or in-house or company drivers.