Dingah launches to automate Kenya’s car hire industry

Hispanic businessman using electronic key to open car door

Kenya’s Dingah app launched by Vacation Kenya, aims to connect car hire providers and drivers to potential customers straight from the comfort of their smartphones.

Now available on the Google’s Play Store, the app allows car owners to sign up for an account, get vetted by the admin and then upload their cars for clients to simply choose the car for hire either on self drive basis or chauffeur driven.

According to Kelvin Onyango, the founder, the app gives a user the ability to select the delivery point where they wish to have the car driven to and where it will be picked up.

Users can also upload trucks, heavy machinery for construction, tractors for tilling land and in future helicopter rides to allow users request a quote and hire the machinery as fast as possible online.

The firm only works with qualified drivers who both have a driving license and certificate of good conduct (to get a full employment contract with them which might be a problem in future we guess.)

After successful vetting, the drivers are placed in two categories, chauffeurs and driver in a minute. Chauffeur services are charged per day and now one has the ability to hire a car and a driver in the system.

The driver in a minute operates under a GPS platform just like Uber. Users hail a driver a driver to drive them, any time of the day or night like Smart Fellas chargeable per kilometer.

Vacation Kenya’s Dingah App aims to ensure that car hire and chauffer services are part of any holiday destination and it had to ensure the best possible way to ensure its clients are not inconvenienced in any way as they use the system. It’s currently being launched in the country but has the ability to perform anywhere in the world and soon enough it will roll to other regions.