This Startup Wants To  Disrupt Cargo Delivery Services In Nigeria


In Nigeria, the Nigeria Postal Service popularly called NIPOST was the government agency many Nigerians relied on to send and receive parcels. However, over the years, it has become quite dormant because of its unreliability and the frequent reports of missing parcels.

In addition, NIPOST has been unable to evolve as Nigerians now transport more than just parcels. Thus NIPOST very few Nigerians now deal with them. But still, the hiccups associated with cargo transportation around Nigeria is yet to be resolved. You have to deal with different government agencies like the Police, Customs among others. There have also been many reported cases of missing cargoes and emails. has a solution to this problem is an online delivery marketplace aiming to simplify the delivery of cargoes across Nigeria.

Mr. Larry Chinekezi, the founder and country manager of Moov Manager said: “ connects shipping users to carefully verified vehicle owner-drivers or delivery companies who have the expertise and capability to pick up and deliver securely any parcel or cargo from the home or office to desired destinations throughout the 36 states of Nigeria.

“Today, most customers seem to have lost confidence in the delivery service, because whether you choose to use the transporters, courier company or person-to-person delivery, they all have issues and limitations, particularly with pilfering, dumping of emails or damages.”

He clarified that Moov Nigeria is a member of Moov Africa starting in five countries, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt and South Africa. “Through these countries, we aim to connect Africa’s fledgling e-commerce and trading activities by providing effective and seamless logistics services through registered service providers”, he said.