You Can Now Anonymously Review Employers On

Over the years there has been a spike in workplace violations, unceremonial dismissal and maltreatment of employees in Nigeria. This is peculiar with private organisations and businesses owned by both Nigerians and foreigners.

To tackle this problem, the Federal Government of Nigeria back in 2o13 launched the Code of Conduct for private employment agencies and organisations. However, since the code was introduced, it has barely had any impact on the cases of abuse as it continues to rise.

In fact, foreign companies, especially Chinese-owned, have taken advantage of Nigeria’s weak labour laws to exploit Nigerian workers. The actions of these Chinese companies may be as a result of their over 13 billion dollars investment in Nigeria. Hence, the government is a bit handicapped. This doesn’t mean Nigerian companies are exempted.

This said, there are companies that treat employees with respect and dignity in Nigeria.

Whether the companies treat their workers appropriately or not, there is now an online platform for workers to anonymously review their employers and organisations. It is called

Launched by, a fast growing online platform that connects interns with employers, in February, Jobpalava is a hub where you can review your past and present employer anonymously.

In addition, Jobpalava hopes that the feedback they collate on the platform can help improve the way organisations treat all their staff so that they can attract the best candidates regardless of their rank. They also hope that people looking for jobs get some insight on what these companies are really like.

It is very easy to use as you only need to signup with a valid email, provide some basic information and then write your review.

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